Respite Care: You Are Your Most Important Care Recipient

Respite care is often overlooked, but it is very needed. Sometimes, our guilt overpowers us whenever we say “no” to something or someone. Other times, we think we’re being selfish by choosing to put our own needs first before those around us. Caregiving is demanding, but you also need a break to avoid exhaustion and … Continue reading

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Quick Facts on Hydration: Why Your Senior Loved One Needs Water

The need for water cannot be underestimated. If you have vulnerable family members at home, such as your elderly parents, their hydration is one of the things you should be concerned about. According to the UK’s National Hydration Council, every life stage has a unique need for water. This means that your aging mom and … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Care For Your Loved Ones With Parkinson’s Disease

Looking after a patient with Parkinson’s disease is physically and emotionally draining. It becomes even more challenging when the patient is a member of your family, especially when you are the family caregiver. Most families usually move their loved ones to an Assisted Living Group Home in Montgomery County, Maryland for them to be cared … Continue reading

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How to Create a Safe Environment for People with Dementia

When you have a loved one suffering from dementia, it is important to provide them with a home that is a safe, convenient, and comfortable as possible. This is because for people who have Alzheimer’s disease, they may begin forgetting to do certain things like shutting off the oven, where to find certain things in … Continue reading

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3 Tips That Can Help Reduce Your Risk for Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a condition of the mind that can cause memory loss and impair many physical and mental functions. This is a slow-acting disease, but eventually, it can prevent the sufferer from taking care of themselves and thus requiring around-the-clock dementia care. Fortunately, this is a disease that can be prevented through some healthy lifestyle … Continue reading

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