Exercise in old age – The secret to a happy retirement!

#SERENITYGARDENS #ITSPERSONAL #SeniorLiving #Maryland Many adults aged 65 and over spend, on average, 10 hours or more each day sitting or lying down, making them the most sedentary age group. They’re paying a high price for their inactivity, with higher rates of falls, obesity, heart disease, and early death compared with the general population. As … Continue reading

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#SERENITYGARDENS #ITSPERSONAL #SeniorLiving #Maryland At some point in our lives every person in a family comes across this dilemma. Do I take care of my “past generation” or “future generation”? Do I concentrate on my career or do I do the right thing morally? What it means is, do I take care of my aging … Continue reading

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LONG DISTANCE CARING – 5 Crucial Tips That Can Make A Difference

#SERENITYGARDENS #ITSPERSONAL #SeniorLiving #Maryland Concern about mom or dad’s health and well-being is top of mind for many baby boomers today. Worrisome signs of your parent’s frailty, progressive memory loss or the decline in health require more and more of your help and attention. But what if you live a good distance away? Whether you … Continue reading

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