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Assisted Living Care in Montgomery County

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Respite Care: Everyone needs a break. Respite Care offers you peace of mind

Respite Care/short-term care for your loved one when you’re called away on a business trip, a long-overdue vacation, temporary rest from caregiving or an important home repair project while your loved ones will continue to receive care in a safe environment. Using respite services can support and strengthen your ability to be a caregiver. Unlike most other care centers,Respite Care at our Assisted Living Group Home in Montgomery County, Maryland doesn’t require a two-week minimum stay. We are flexible and accommodating. We offer daily living assistance/care in a stimulating environment. Here, your loved one will develop new friendships and discover new interests and activities. Respite Care residents enjoy the comfort of private rooms or semi-private rooms base on availability. Meanwhile, you can feel confident knowing that your loved one is in great hands and receiving the very best care.

Memory Care: Memory care for dignity and independence

Memory Care at our continuing care neighborhood provides a compassionate care for residents suffering from memory disorders. We help residents maintain a daily routine so they can feel more independent and enjoy a higher quality of life. Our staff treats residents with dignity and respect just like members of the family.

Hospice: Hospice care is end-of-life care.

Our team of health care professionals in collaboration with the family’s hospice of choice, and volunteers to provide various end of life services. This involves medical, psychological, and spiritual support. The goal of the care is to help your loved ones who are dying and to help you have peace, comfort, and dignity. Our passionate caregivers work collaboratively with the hospice team to control pain and other symptoms so your loved ones can remain as alert and comfortable as possible. Serenity Gardens Assisted Living along with our Hospice programs also provide services to support a patient’s family. We work in collaboration with various hospice services.

Alzheimer’s: Serenity Gardens Assisted Living is designed to meet the specific needs of your loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

In a Residential Long Term Care environment, our specialized services include trained staff, specialized activities, ability of staff to care for residents with behavioral needs, double lock security system, and 24hr electronic monitoring system. Activities are carefully designed to match personal abilities and needs of your loved ones.

Diabetes Care: It’s never easy to put your loved one into assisted living, but the decision also becomes more complicated when your aging loved one has diabetes.

The problem is that diabetes management becomes particularly challenging as a person ages, especially if there is any form of dementia present. And because a diabetic must maintain a strict diet in order to help control their blood sugar levels, many older people find it difficult to properly stave off diabetes’ most harmful effects because they simply aren’t able to monitor their blood sugars, administer insulin, or cook for themselves anymore. At Serenity Gardens Assisted Living, meals are personalized according to the Provider’s order as it relates to the disease process.

Insulin Care: Assisted living homes are an excellent option for the diabetic.

At Serenity Gardens Assisted Living we provide the specialized care that the diabetic requires. Insulin is one of the most important things that a diabetic can take to regulate the insulin levels in their blood to avoid those circulatory problems that cause a host of ill effects on the body. The trained Medication technician along with the Nurse Practitioner monitors and documents your loved one’s glucose as per Provider’s order. We medicate as per Provider’s order and ensure that the Hemoglobin A1C is done as ordered and results are checked and reported back to the Provider for evaluation. The Serenity Gardens Assisted Living and staff, understands that diabetic management is a lifesaving service.

Specialized Diets: Serenity Gardens Assisted Living provides the specialized diet that a diabetic can benefit from.

This is a very important aspect of managing diabetes. The food that the diabetic eats can control the amount of sugar in the body. A well-rounded diet that is geared toward the diabetic can improve the quality of life for the diabetic by reducing the need for insulin shots. Here, meals are prepared under the guidance of a dietitian who has a specialized knowledge in preparing food that is healthy for the diabetic. Our dietitian approves written menus and diet extensions, assist residents’ special diet needs, plan individual diets, and provide guidance to dietary staff in areas of preparation, service, and monitoring residents’ acceptance of these diets.

Specialized Care: Diabetics require specialized care. Foot care is very important to the diabetic.

Keeping the feet free from sores and moisture to prevent fungus is tantamount to a diabetic keeping their feet. Our staff is well-adept at helping your loved one with personal care needs that can prevent serious diabetic infections. At Serenity Gardens Assisted Living, our staff assists with bathing, grooming, and dressing as well as with any specialized care that is needed to stave off diabetic injury, such as in dressing wounds or applying diabetic dressings. We have a podiatrist that works with your loved ones for foot care. For these reasons and more, Serenity Gardens Assisted Living is the ideal living arrangement for your loved ones who are diabetic.

Oxygen Dependence: With residents dependent on supplemental oxygen staff is trained regarding oxygen safety and practice safe oxygen handling procedures.

Wound Care: Here at Serenity Gardens Assisted Living, we strive to prevent your loved ones from developing wounds through our extensive nutrition program and activities.

We accept residents with wounds as per state mandate. Our Nurse Practitioner is equipped to identify and treat wounds.

Ostomy Care: An ostomy is a surgically created opening connecting an internal organ to the surface of the body.

Types of ostomies:

  • Colostomy
  • Urostomy
  • Ileostomy
  • Urinary and Fecal Continent Diversions
  • G tubes

Here at Serenity Gardens Assisted Living, we care for your loved ones with ostomy as per prescribed orders from the Provider. We do not provide supplies/appliances for ostomy.