Caring for Dementia Patients: A Quick Guide

Caring for Dementia Patients A Quick Guide

There is no shortage of challenges for family members taking care of dementia-afflicted loved ones. Individuals with chronic memory loss disorders can be extra difficult to take care of because of their tendency to not be themselves, to easily forget, and to be unable to communicate and think clearly.

If you have been tasked to provide care for an elderly loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the following tips provided by Serenity Gardens Assisted Living, a renowned provider of Dementia Care and other health services in Montgomery County, Maryland.

What you’re doing for your loved one is nothing short of admirable. Here are some tips to make the care process just that bit easier for you.

  • Keep things positive. Set the stage for positive interactions between you and your loved one. Send a message through your words and actions that you are happy to be there taking care of them. Be watchful of your facial expressions, use a light tone of voice, and always be patient. A positive care atmosphere helps make things easier for both you and your family member.
  • Limit distractions. Caring for dementia patients involves being able to get their attention. With the TV running, the radio in full volume, and the traffic outside buzzing, you won’t be able to do that successfully. Before speaking to your loved ones, make sure you capture their full attention and they know who they’re talking to. A technique to keep their focus is maintaining eye contact.
  • Ask simple questions. Questions should be as simple as possible. Do not ask too many questions at once or overcomplicate things by giving your loved ones too many choices. Visual aids when asking “which shirt would you prefer to wear?” can also help greatly. In time, you’ll learn to make the care process much easier for yourself and your loved one.
  • Don’t hesitate to reassure your loved ones. It can be painful to witness Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients struggle with their condition. They have the tendency to be unsure of themselves and what’s happening around them. They are constantly confused and anxious, and don’t know what to do. During these times, you should never think twice about giving your loved one a reassurance. Tell them that they will always be safe with you. Take them out for something to eat or prepare a nice dinner. You can do something fun to make them feel better and lighten the mood.
  • Keep things as fun as possible. You can take steps to make the memory care process as fun as possible for yourself and your loved ones. Talk about the good old days and fun times; take walks during beautiful sunny afternoons; indulge in some ice cream; or have a picnic in the park.

As an Assisted Living Group Home in Montgomery County, Maryland, we help your family navigate the complexities of memory care. Let’s work together to get Alzheimer’s and Dementia-afflicted individuals the care they need.

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