Keeping Grey Skies Away and Happy Seniors at Bay

Keeping Grey Skies Away and Happy Seniors at Bay

Security – a timeless concern that touches base with not just one or two, but an innumerable amount of cases that you can name under the sun. With family, this is the number one thing that can never be compromised, especially when it deals with one’s health. As family members get older, responsibilities and commitments can change through the years, and when it comes to care and security, there is an Assisted Living Group Home in Montgomery County, Maryland that you can count on.

If families get separated from a loved one in need of care due to work constraints and similar responsibilities, help is always available for them to keep from worrying about their loved ones. At any of our assisted living facilities, our clients are not only cared for, but they also get to live in a community where there is much to do and enjoy.

  • 24-hour security

    The healthcare practitioners we have enlisted at our assisted living facility take turns in shifts to avoid any employee burnout since most clients will be staying with us for Residential Long Term Care. Strict healthcare protocols are also observed to uphold the facility’s services and security. With manpower round the clock, clients and families are assured of the safety and health of their loved ones that they are always looked after in a guarded and monitored environment.

  • Secured health and nutrition

    Knowing the health history of our clients like those who need Dementia Care, allows us to complement our meal plans with their diets so we can closely monitor their health and nutrition, as well as their allergies and favorite food and beverage selections.

  • On-time medication intake

    Non-adherence to medication is often caused by forgetting the dosage times, not being able to refill maintenance medication on time or for some, fearing the effects of the needed medication. With our registered health practitioners, we can guide patients and remind them to take their medication on time to avoid further health hazards.

At any of our assisted living facilities, residents have access to entertainment and movie rooms as well as a sunroom to spend time with friends and do recreational activities.

If your loved one has specific health care needs that may require further care and assistance, please get in touch with us at 301-200-9275, so we can accommodate your needs. Call Serenity Gardens Assisted Living to choose from any of our 5 locations in Maryland.

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