Quick Facts on Hydration: Why Your Senior Loved One Needs Water

Quick Facts on Hydration Why Your Senior Loved One Needs Water

The need for water cannot be underestimated. If you have vulnerable family members at home, such as your elderly parents, their hydration is one of the things you should be concerned about. According to the UK’s National Hydration Council, every life stage has a unique need for water. This means that your aging mom and dad will have a different water requirement than you or your toddler.

As the premier provider of Assisted Living Group Home in Montgomery County, Maryland, we put high concern for the well-being of your senior loved one whom you have entrusted to our care. So we have gathered these facts related to senior hydration which we believe are vital to your knowledge:

  • Some people have a higher need for water than others

    Your senior loved one can be at risk for hydration because they don’t have regular access to water as younger adults do. Some seniors who need Dementia Care or have mobility challenges might find it difficult to get water for themselves. Without someone to assist them, they can be easily hydrated.

  • Working seniors need water at work

    In the workplace, older adults can become too occupied with their responsibilities that drinking water can be overlooked. In some workstations, the access to water may be even difficult. In this way, the workplace can also put your adult loved one at risk for hydration.

  • Active lifestyle needs sufficient hydration

    Older adults also need to be engaged in an active lifestyle, whether it’s a daily physical exercise or active hobby. But this activeness can put them at risk of dehydration. In this case, they have to drink liquid before and after their activity. If they can also drink while they’re doing their hobby, they can benefit more with hydration.

  • Water can help improve dental health

    Seniors can be prone to dry mouth due to age-related factors and medications. Dry mouth can be a welcoming opportunity for bacteria, thus affecting dental health. By ensuring their water intake, you’re also strengthening your loved one’s oral health.

  • Hydration is vital for the kidneys

    As one of the hardworking organs of the body, your senior loved one’s kidney also needs sufficient hydration.

  • Hydration helps protect the urinary tract

    With sufficient water, the urinary tract is able to properly flush out toxins while at the same time, enable the body to absorb its needed water.

At Serenity Gardens Assisted Living, your senior loved one can be treated to a 24/7 monitoring and care where their hydration needs are properly met. We have well-chosen and highly qualified caregivers who are capable enough to address your family member’s overall well-being. If you’re not able to personally care for your loved one at home, we can provide Residential Long Term Care to your family member. Set an appointment with us so can talk about what other needs your senior loved one have.

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