At some point in our lives every person in a family comes across this dilemma. Do I take care of my “past generation” or “future generation”? Do I concentrate on my career or do I do the right thing morally? What it means is, do I take care of my aging parents or do I take care of my young kids? Do I give my time to my work by chasing a very happening career by moving or by putting in more hours a week while not giving as much time to my aging parents?

These are difficult questions and can weigh on a family member or members heavily. It is a decision people make all the time and live with it but not necessarily happily. Many families break apart due to this and many grow distant from each other. It can create a rift, a wall between the “Past Generation” and the “Present Generation”. The present generation is the one
with the burden on their shoulders of taking care of their aging and or sick parents as well as their kids and guilt eats away at them. They feel guilty if they go after their dreams, their careers and dont take care of their parents as they think they should. They feel guilty when they spend more time at work than with their kids at home. What to do?

Call us to discuss and learn how we can help.

Will we get rid of your guilt? May be not, but we will definitely take a burden off your shoulders.

the age old or old age dilemma

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